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Palliative Care

At Four Oaks Healthcare, we offer specialist, personalised palliative care to anyone who needs it, including the elderly. Palliative care at home enables care recipients to retain their independence in their own home, with access to qualified care.

What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, sometimes referred to as end of life care, involves support for those in the final weeks or months of their life. The primary aim of palliative care is to ensure the comfort of the individual, allowing them to end their life with dignity.

Our experienced and knowledgeable palliative care at home team are a support network not just for the care recipient, but for their loved ones. They can draw on years of experience to answer any questions you may have while providing the highest quality of care possible.

Palliative Care At Home

Palliative care at home means that your loved one does not have to move into a residential facility. Being in a familiar environment, among home comforts improves mental health and morale, which are paramount to care.

How Does Palliative Care Work?

A specialised Live In Carer resides in your loved ones’ home so that all needs can be met, and to ensure that the carer is at the client’s beck and call. This is different to homecare, where care is provided between predetermined times on selected days.

As health deteriorates, mobility diminishes, and the level of support from family and friends needed increases, a palliative care recipient will often feel isolated, fragile, and a burden on their loved ones. Live-In Care enables them to rebuild companionship, independence and mental strength with emotional support, so that they no longer feel like an impediment to their family.  The family can experience their loved one on their best days, rather than have memories of the down days.

Palliative Care does significantly delay an elderly person’s biggest fear – moving to a nursing home. Retaining your home environment improves mental health, morale, and physical strength – which are paramount to giving the care recipient the best living opportunities possible.

What Does Palliative Care Involve?

Palliative care will vary depending on medical needs, where the care recipient is on their journey and the planning that has been agreed. However, some of the general tasks include:

Assisting with the support and administration of medication
Household Chores
Preparing Meals
Support with bathroom functions
Support Transitioning Throughout The Home
Helping the Care Recipient to Visit Family, Friends, or Attending Hobbies Outside the Home
Feeding and Fussing Pets
Emotional Support, Companionship, and a source of Fun and Happiness

Our palliative care at home team takes a holistic approach to care, dealing with the ‘whole’ person, not just their symptoms or illness.

While palliative care is often referred to as end of life care, it does not always begin in the final stages of life. It can be invested in earlier, while treatment is still in place.

When should someone be offered palliative care?

While palliative care is often used interchangeably with end of life care, it does not always begin in the final stages of life. It can be invested in earlier, while treatment is still being implemented.

This timing in which this form of care should begin depends on a variety of factors; therefore, it is difficult to offer a specific answer. Individuals are considered to be entering the end phase of their life when death is expected within twelve months. However, palliative care may not be required in the early stages, although it can be advantageous. 

It may be helpful to discuss your specific situation with an experienced member of our team. Agreeing when care may be the most effective, and what is involved, can relieve additional stress that may be present now, or arise at a later stage.

How much does palliative care at home cost?

The costs associated with palliative care at home tend to vary to great degrees depending on the level of support that is required, and the length of time care is implemented. 

Choosing a care provider is a complicated task, and we understand that it is much more than a monetary decision. While we endeavour to offer the most affordable prices, our primary focus will always be to ensure the comfort and emotional wellbeing of our care recipients; provided only by a qualified and experienced carer.


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What Qualifications Do Live In Carers Have?

Our Live In Carers are subjected to a rigorous and thorough selection process, where we determine suitability based on 6 key skills/aspects:

Significant Experience within Personal Care
A Compassionate & Caring Nature
Strong Organisation Skills
Flexibility, and ‘Client First’ Availability
Excellent Communication Skills
Sensitivity to Care Recipient Needs

Four Oaks Healthcare insist on delivering an unmatched level of care, and in order to do this, we only recruit and select the most appropriate and skilled caregivers

Why choose Four Oaks Healthcare as your palliative care provider?

Four Oaks Healthcare insists on delivering an unmatched level of care. To achieve this, we only recruit and select the most appropriate and skilled caregivers, in Birmingham, and all across the UK.

We have curated hundreds of bespoke care packages for all manner of care requirements across the UK to great success. Each care recipient is matched to a carer through an analysis of their individual needs. 

Once a bespoke care plan is implemented, regular reviews and quality audits are undertaken to ensure that only the highest quality support is offered.

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