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Live In Care

At Four Oaks Healthcare we provide specialist, personalised live in care for those in need and the elderly; allowing them to retain their independence in their own home, whilst having help when needed.

What Is Live In Care?

Live In Care gives clients and care recipients the ability to retain their own homes, their independence and their dignity for as long as possible; long after support from family and friends isn’t enough to keep the care recipient safe and content.

Living in the comfort of your own environment, with your familiar routine is essential to a care recipient’s health and mental wellbeing, and will maintain and enrich the life they’re used to.

Four Oaks Healthcare build flexible Live In Care solutions, bespoke to the needs of the care recipient, which integrate in with your wider family activities, and routines / hobbies and activities.

How Does Live In Care Work?

A Live In Carer resides in the client’s home so that all needs can be met, and to ensure that the carer is at the client’s beck and call. This is different to Homecare, where care is provided between predetermined times on selected days.

As health deteriorates, mobility diminishes, and the level of support from family and friends needed increases a care recipient will often feel isolated, fragile, and a burden on their loved ones. Live-In Care enables them to rebuild companionship, independence and mental strength with emotional support, so that they no longer feel like an impediment to their family.

Live In Care, while it is infrequently a life-long solution, does significantly delay an elderly person’s biggest fear, moving to a nursing home. Retaining your home environment improves mental health, morale, and physical strength – which are paramount to giving the care recipient the best living opportunities possible – which is where Live In Care is of significant importance and benefit.

What Do Live In Carers Do?

Welcoming a Live In Carer into your home can be a daunting thought at first, however, all of our Carers are highly qualified, compassionate, kind-willed knowledgeable people who have many years of experience in providing the necessary support and companionship needed to extend and support the care recipient’s independence.

Some of the tasks that a Live In Carer will complete as part of the round the clock support are:

Helping to Support or Administer Medication
Household Chores
Preparing Meals
Support with Toilet, Hygiene and Bathroom Functions
Running Errands
Support Transitioning Throughout The Home
Laundry, Ironing and Dressing
Helping the Care Recipient to Visit Family, Friends, or Attending Hobbies Outside the Home
Feeding and Fussing Pets
Emotional Support, Companionship, and a source of Fun and Happiness

How much does  Live In Care Cost?

The costs of Live In Care can vary to great degrees depending on what level of support is needed.

The costs of Live In Care  depend on many things but the main influences are:
– Does the care recipient just need companionship? Or are there specific medical needs?
– Is the care recipient living alone or as part of a couple? Do both persons need support?
– Does the client suffer from Dementia / Alzheimers?

Choosing a provider of private care is a difficult task, which is more than a monetary decision. So, while we at Four Oaks Healthcare endeavour to provide the most affordable prices; our main focus is to ensure that the care recipient is in comfort, with 24hr emotive, compassionate support from a qualified, experienced carer.

At Four Oaks Healthcare, we have curated hundreds of bespoke Live In Care packages for all manner of clients across the UK to great success; and each client is matched to a carer based on their individual needs. Regular reviews and quality audits are conducted to ensure that only the highest quality of support is offered in line with a Live In Care rota.


What Our Clients Think

From the moment I contacted this organisation, the staff have always been polite and incredibly helpful. They have had to step in at short notice when other providers have let us down. They have provided everything we have asked for in a thoroughly efficient and professional manner. All staff have been incredibly caring and thoughtful when approaching my mother’s needs. As a family, we are incredibly grateful for the service provided and I personally have already recommended the organisation to a potential client and a potential employee. We will have no hesitation in using these services again.
Sandra H
My parents have a live-in carer from Four Oaks Healthcare. This service has enabled my parents to stay together at home. Since the live-in carer started caring for my parents, it has enabled the family to relax and feel confident that our parents are safe and being well looked after. As a family, we can now visit our parents and spend quality time with them instead of time spent caring and worrying about their health and wellbeing.
The regular live-in carer is extremely competent in relieving the family of the burden and worry, she is kind and respects the wishes of our parents. When the regular carer has a holiday the replacement carer was also very good, keeping the continuity of care. We are extremely happy with the service provided by Four Oaks Healthcare.
Christine S
It was very apparent from the start when the first carer walked through the door for this first time just how caring and committed she was. This continued as we met mom’s other 5 carers. Every single one of them were fantastic with mom, taking time to speak to her, find out what she needed and always making sure that they cared for her with dignity. Also on numerous occasions, asking if we needed anything, which has got to be well over and above what is expected and so very much appreciated.To be brutally honest we were all dreading having strangers coming into the house but this was a very short-lived worry as everyone was so caring, so committed, so professional and so polite, putting us all completely at ease.

In our experience Four Oaks were outstanding in every way.

Chris J

Perhaps the biggest single plus about Four Oaks over previous care providers is the ability to provide continuity of carer. I am convinced my mother has benefited from the stability of having the same compassionate, competent and dedicated carer for the past eight months

Paul K

What Qualifications Do Live In Carers Have?

Our Live In Carers are subjected to a rigorous and thorough selection process, where we determine suitability based on 6 key skills/aspects:

Significant Experience within Personal Care
A Compassionate & Caring Nature
Strong Organisation Skills
Flexibility, and ‘Client First’ Availability
Excellent Communication Skills
Sensitivity to Care Recipient Needs

Four Oaks Healthcare insist on delivering an unmatched level of care, and in order to do this, we only recruit and select the most appropriate and skilled caregivers

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