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Dementia Care

At Four Oaks Healthcare, we provide specialist, personalised dementia home care for those who could benefit from additional support; allowing every individual to continue living in their own home independently for as long as possible.

What Is Dementia Home Care?

Statistics suggest that by 2025, the number of people living with dementia could reach one million in the UK alone. Dementia home care offers round-the-clock support, providing peace of mind for family members who can’t be with their loved one 24/7. 

Dementia home care involves:

  • Assisting with personal hygiene and dressing
  • Managing problems surrounding sleep and wandering
  • Ensuring access to enjoyable and stimulating activities
  • Spending quality one-on-one time with the client
  • Taking control of nutrition to ensure the client eats and drinks well

Dementia home care services should be flexible in their approach, with consideration to the changing moods and confusion that often come hand-in-hand with the illness. The aim of care should be to ensure that the client remains calm, comfortable, confident and in control.

What are the primary types of dementia?

Dementia is a term that encompasses diseases that affect the brain directly. Types of dementia include:

Vascular dementia
Alzheimer’s disease
Dementia with Lewy bodies
Frontotemporal dementia

Other illnesses may lead to a client developing dementia, such as:

Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis

Cost of dementia care

Unlike a care home, our dementia care plans are uniquely tailored to each person. No one plan will be the same as another; therefore, the quote we provide will vary from person to person. Our consultants will be able to provide a tailored quote following your initial consultation.

Can you Live at Home with dementia?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia, nor is there a way of stopping its progression. However, a diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t live a fulfilled life. It is a very realistic expectation to continue living at home with dementia; however, eventually, specialist care may be required. 

Memory loss, problems with balance and reading, misplacing things, and difficulty completing daily chores are all common symptoms of the illness. Just dealing with a small fraction of these symptoms is enough to cause panic, confusion and mood swings for the care receiver, as they try to deal with the difficulties and changes they now face. This is why dementia home care is crucial to enabling your spouse, parent, sibling or friend to continue living at home both safely and comfortably. 


What Our Clients Think

Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

Symptoms of dementia will progress over the years, making it essential for any dementia care plans to be flexible as the illness develops.

Early signs of Dementia
Difficulty concentrating
Memory loss
Struggles surrounding daily tasks
Forgetting words during conversations
Changes in mood
Signs and symptoms of dementia in the later stages
Problems recognising friends or family
Loss of speech
Weight loss stemming from appetite decrease
Mobility issues
Behavioural problems
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    Why Choose Four Oaks Healthcare for Dementia Care?

    Four Oaks Healthcare provides round-the-clock dementia care plans. Our carers are highly qualified and skilled in managing the symptoms of dementia and are equipped with a tried and tested framework of care-provision; enabling every client to live a full and independent lifestyle with dignity. 

    Our caregivers put their client’s emotional and physical needs at the forefront of every activity and support structure, using best practice techniques such as Validation Therapy and the SPECAL method of support. 

    Founded by a group of nurses who believed that they could provide better home care services than those that were currently available, the comfort of our clients and surrounding family members remains at the forefront of our efforts. We involve not only our clients but their family members in all care decisions. 

    In addition, we implement fully tailored and flexible care plans that change as and when the clients’ needs change. If you believe your loved one could benefit from our dementia home care services, please get in touch either by phone or use our online contact formWe offer dementia care services in Birmingham as well as across the UK.