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Overnight Care

We have specially trained, nursing-led overnight caregivers who can pick up the baton of responsibility during twilight hours to enable rest and recuperation for family members who are providing care and support.

Even the most dedicated and supportive family needs to sleep. Looking after your loved one throughout the day as well as supporting daily household chores can be exhausting. Unfortunately, the need for care does not stop at night. 

Our overnight care team will be on hand for those restless nights when your loved one feels distressed, worried, or alone. We have given many family members peace of mind that their loved one has someone beside them when they can’t be.

What is overnight care?

There are two types of overnight care, both of which are available from Four Oaks Healthcare:

Sleeping night care

This is where the carer stays with the client throughout the night and is available whenever assistance is required, sleeping when they are not needed. This form of care is best for care recipients who have relatively healthy sleeping habits but may require assistance getting to the bathroom or taking medication. 

Walking night care

This form of care requires the caregiver to be awake and alert at all hours. The carer can either remain in the same room as the client or be in a nearby part of the house, while regularly checking and observing the client.

Walking night care may be the best option for a client who requires close supervision. Situations where this may be the case include when someone is living with dementia, has another diagnosis that results in a broken sleep pattern or requires emotional support during the night. 

Our Overnight Care Services

Whether you are considering overnight care as a short-term solution, perhaps while you take some respite time for yourself, or something longer-term, following a diagnosis of some sort; we have a team of professional caregivers to offer assistance. We have experience with:

Overnight nursing care
Overnight respite care
Overnight senior care
Overnight care for adults
Overnight care for children

Overnight care for dementia patients

The twilight hours are prime wandering times for individuals living with dementia; this can be the most hazardous time for trips, falls and panic attacks. Waking night care is the best overnight care solution for clients with this diagnosis. 

We are experienced in providing help and support for individuals living with dementia, whether your diagnosis is recent or progressed. We can offer round-the-clock care or overnight care, depending on your needs. 

All of our care plans are flexible and regularly reviewed, allowing us to alter our approach whenever necessary. 

How much does overnight care cost?

Overnight care is often there as a safety net in case your loved one needs ad hoc support. It’s also typically employed to enable peace of mind and to give a break to family members.

The cost of overnight care is dependent on the level of care required and the longevity of the solution. At Four Oaks Healthcare, all of our care plans are 100% tailored to your requirements. Therefore, please get in touch to discuss your needs so that we can offer an accurate quote. 


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What Qualifications Do Overnight Carers Have?

Our Overnight Carers are subjected to a rigorous and thorough selection process, where we determine suitability based on 6 key skills/aspects:

Significant Experience within Personal Care
A Compassionate & Caring Nature
Strong Organisation Skills
Flexibility, and ‘Client First’ Availability
Excellent Communication Skills
Sensitivity to Care Recipient Needs

Four Oaks Healthcare insist on delivering an unmatched level of care, and in order to do this, we only recruit and select the most appropriate and skilled caregivers

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    Why Choose Four Oaks Healthcare For Overnight Care?

    Four Oaks was founded by a team of nurses who believed that they could offer a better service than those currently available within the homecare industry. We have helped over 500 people enjoy a fulfilled and independent lifestyle, with a service that already rivals our larger competitors.

    All of our experienced caregivers share our values, including the right to independence, respect and dignity that is free from discrimination and abuse of any kind. 

    To find out more about how we can offer a tailored solution to your loved ones overnight care needs, contact us either by calling 0333 772 0156 or by completing our online enquiry form.