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Complex Care

At Four Oaks Healthcare we provide complex care support for people who need medium to long-term, continuing specialist or substantial care because of a disability or chronic illness, or following hospitalisation or long-term medical treatment.
Our senior professionals look carefully at individual needs and create a personalised tailor-made plan to give them the best possible care. Whether you are looking to change care providers or have just been given a diagnosis, you are sure to have loads of questions. We have gathered a variety of questions we are asked regularly and hope these answers can help you.

What Is Complex Care?

Complex care, continuing care or long-term care is the care required for someone with substantial healthcare needs. This could be due to a disability, a debilitating mental health condition or a chronic illness such as Huntington’s Disease or Cerebral Palsy.

It is also referred to when someone undergoes a medical procedure and there are complications, such as brain injury, muscular dystrophy or injury to the spinal cord.

Complex care nursing can take place within a hospital or residential care setting. Complex care can also take place at home.

If you or someone you are responsible for is suffering with any of these, then investing in complex care from a specialist is the best option as they will have the experience and understanding required to provide the very best care possible.

What Are Complex Health Care Needs?

Complex health care needs can be one or several health issues being experienced by one person. Examples of complex medical needs are:

Huntington’s Disease
Locked-in Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Spinal Cord Injury
Acquired Brain Injury
Ventilated Clients
Paediatric Clients

What Is Complex Care Management?

Complex care management is simply a tailored live in care plan that is put together to ensure that all your complex health needs are understood and catered to. This should be created by experienced complex care providers and professionals. For example, we care for people with a wide variety of disabilities and health conditions. Part of our complex care management would involve:

  • Ensuring we work with all the community team in place and family members who are part of the complex care package.
  • Creating a fully tailored intensive or long-term complex care plan for our client in their own home.
  • A dedicated senior case manager attends all reviews and assessments (with other professionals), implementing specialist intervention and assessments when required to make sure our clients are receiving the right level and type of support when they need it.
  • Ascertaining a single point of contact for each client with 24-hour-on-call support from case managers and healthcare professionals
  • Providing care workers and healthcare professionals to suit all clients needs.

Complex Care FAQS

How Long Can Complex Care Last?
Our complex care services are fully flexible depending on your requirements. Whether you are seeking support for a few weeks or months in response to a flare-up or as you recover from surgery or treatment or require assistance for the foreseeable future, we can plan and implement complex care based on your current needs. As part of our ongoing service, we will schedule regular reviews and adapt our service depending on our findings. These reviews can involve you, your family and your medical team.
What Does Complex Care Cost?
Because of the nature of complex care, our costs are based on your requirements. With that said, we do provide a breakdown of costs as best as possible, but please be aware that these will change depending on your circumstances.
What’s Involved in a Complex Care Assessment?
As with every other part of our service, our complex care assessment is customer-centric. Firstly, we will arrange a complimentary consultation to gain in-depth information about your current health, your lifestyle and care needs. We can also speak with your family and friends, doctor, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to help us gain a good picture of the kind of assistance you require. We will then use all of the information we have gained to create a fully-tailored care plan covering the level and amount of support we can provide. Should you choose to proceed, we will use the knowledge gained about your care requirements and your hobbies to match you with a carer with similar interests. We often find that our carers and clients become fast friends, making adjusting to home care smoother.
Can I Get Funding for Complex Care?
If you require financial assistance to ensure you obtain the best possible care, you can contact your local clinical commissioning group (CCGs). If your primary care requirements can be linked to your health, you should be eligible for NHS-funded complex care. If this is not an option for you, alternative funding may be available. We recommend getting in touch with your local council to request social care benefits. Your local authority will have to carry out a personal financial assessment, and they may request a contribution or set a fee for funding.
How to Arrange Complex Care
The best way to arrange complex care is to request a free consultation. We want you to choose the best service provider for you and, therefore, will discuss which of our dedicated and experienced carers is best suited to assist you.

What Do Complex Care Solutions Look Like?

This can be a difficult question to answer as each solution is dependant on the individual needs of our clients. However, here is a breakdown of how we identify what complex care solutions are needed to give you an idea of what you can expect from the process

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Once we have received your referral, we’ll visit our clients either at home or in hospital to talk about the type of care needed.
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After this, we will develop a care plan and assess the risk with the help of our clients, carers, family members and healthcare professionals. The care plan will look at the health, social care and level of support our clients need
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Once all of this has been agreed with the relevant funding authority, we can create a client contract to outline roles and responsibilities.


What Our Clients Think

From the moment I contacted this organisation, the staff have always been polite and incredibly helpful. They have had to step in at short notice when other providers have let us down. They have provided everything we have asked for in a thoroughly efficient and professional manner. All staff have been incredibly caring and thoughtful when approaching my mother’s needs. As a family, we are incredibly grateful for the service provided and I personally have already recommended the organisation to a potential client and a potential employee. We will have no hesitation in using these services again.
Sandra H
My parents have a live-in carer from Four Oaks Healthcare. This service has enabled my parents to stay together at home. Since the live-in carer started caring for my parents, it has enabled the family to relax and feel confident that our parents are safe and being well looked after. As a family, we can now visit our parents and spend quality time with them instead of time spent caring and worrying about their health and wellbeing.
The regular live-in carer is extremely competent in relieving the family of the burden and worry, she is kind and respects the wishes of our parents. When the regular carer has a holiday the replacement carer was also very good, keeping the continuity of care. We are extremely happy with the service provided by Four Oaks Healthcare.
Christine S
It was very apparent from the start when the first carer walked through the door for this first time just how caring and committed she was. This continued as we met mom’s other 5 carers. Every single one of them were fantastic with mom, taking time to speak to her, find out what she needed and always making sure that they cared for her with dignity. Also on numerous occasions, asking if we needed anything, which has got to be well over and above what is expected and so very much appreciated.To be brutally honest we were all dreading having strangers coming into the house but this was a very short-lived worry as everyone was so caring, so committed, so professional and so polite, putting us all completely at ease.

In our experience Four Oaks were outstanding in every way.

Chris J

Perhaps the biggest single plus about Four Oaks over previous care providers is the ability to provide continuity of carer. I am convinced my mother has benefited from the stability of having the same compassionate, competent and dedicated carer for the past eight months

Paul K

What Qualifications Do Our Complex Carers Have?

Our Complex Carers are subjected to a rigorous and thorough selection process, where we determine suitability based on 6 key skills/aspects:

Significant Experience within Personal Care
A Compassionate & Caring Nature
Strong Organisation Skills
Flexibility, and ‘Client First’ Availability
Excellent Communication Skills
Sensitivity to Care Recipient Needs

Four Oaks Healthcare insist on delivering an unmatched level of care, and in order to do this, we only recruit and select the most appropriate and skilled caregivers

Why choose Four Oaks Healthcare as your complex care team?

You’ll find us discreet, reliable, positive and honest in our support as we help children and adults with disabilities and health conditions achieve maximum independence in all aspects of their daily lives. Whether a client or service user needs just an hours support a day, or 24-hour live-in care, we will work with you to create the most appropriate complex care plan. We offer complex care services in Birmingham and across the UK.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of the people we care for and their carers, by providing the best care and support services.

By providing safe and effective care we can reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, reduce the length of stay in acute units and improve end-of-life experience. We manage risk efficiently and work hard to coordinate a variety of services to look after you and your clients every step of the way, whatever their individual needs.

You’ll find we take pride in our company and our work. We’re a complex care agency that wants nothing less than the best for our clients and our staff. As a result our staff are loyal, committed and enthusiastic, providing warm, compassionate complex care. We firmly believe our care services are the best and continually challenge ourselves to improve every day. We actively encourage creativity and innovation throughout the teams and we’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our service to you.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an assessment, please complete the enquiry form and a member of our specialist team will be in touch.

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