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Our Guarantee

Changing Live-In Care For the Better.

Four Oaks Healthcare’s emphasis on delivering safe, reliable care is established through formal protocols, policies and passed through our staff at induction.

All members of Four Oaks Healthcare are involved in the delivery of excellence and are supported and trained to deliver, record and review the service.

Four Oaks Healthcare guarantees quality through the following:

Periodic Client Feedback
Sought via customer surveys undertaken as part of an ongoing audit program.
Strategic Planning & Capability
Internal planning, communication and governance arrangements are robust and include staff at all levels of the organisation. A Clinical Director oversees the development of clinical strategy and the dissemination of best practice.
Risk Management
Four Oaks Healthcare undertakes comprehensive Risk Management for all packages based upon measuring impact and likelihood. Our personnel are trained in assessing risks and minimising negative aspects. Management strategies and Action Plans are established for all high risk issues. Positive risk is actively assessed to support quality of life for the client.
Clinical Effectiveness
Care is carefully planned and monitored. 
Learning through research and audit are built into organisational systems.
Team Working
At all levels is an essential part of our excellent service.
We believe that the benefit of leadership by experienced healthcare professionals adds an understanding and level of knowledge that benefit staff, clients and the business as a whole.
Self Management & Performance
‘Care’ is taken at recruitment to ensure potential employees understand the role and potential care needs. Staff induction programs are designed to ensure staff are both competent and confident in providing appropriate care and identifying and assessing risk
. Continual performance reviews and support is given to all staff
. The emotional stress of providing care is recognised and supported by counsellors.
Training & Professional Development
Care competencies are managed and developed in line with NMC guidelines
. Performance reviews ensure continual professional development is properly supported
. Four Oaks healthcare is proud of its in-house training and induction programmes which have been developed following review and implementation of best practice
. All training programmes are assessed for effectiveness and appropriateness.
Information Management
High priority is placed on the quality of patient records and documentation of care. 
Monthly information is forwarded to purchasers in a flexible, format – either electronically or paper. We also ensure that your records are treated with complete privacy and stored safely to reflect this.
The benefit of being a relatively small organisation means that our ability to ensure that communication with patients, external partners, and throughout the organisation is as effective as possible. 
All our systems have also been developed to maximise communication to all remote workers.