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At Four Oaks Healthcare we provide specialist, personalised homecare for those in need and the elderly; allowing them to retain their independence in their own home, whilst having help when needed.

What Is Homecare?

Homecare, sometimes known as domiciliary care, provides a range of services including assistance for children and adults who have additional needs, adults diagnosed with dementia, parents who have a disability and elderly people.

Whether you are looking for homecare for a loved one, an elderly friend or yourself; we will provide an excellent service. We offer practical homecare based on an initial assessment and a fully-tailored care plan. This plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure you are receiving the right level of care that suits your requirements.

We are the UK’s leading providers of nurse-led complex care and person-centred care at home, and we are asked about homecare regularly. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions to help you ascertain whether homecare is the right option for you or your loved one. If you have additional questions that we have not answered here, please do get in touch.

What Is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care is a service for people who wish to continue living an independent lifestyle in their own home but require assistance either for personal or medical care.

This type of homecare consists of a carer or personal assistant visiting your home at agreed times, either daily or at multiple times throughout the day to make your day-to-day life easier. Those in need of additional support may benefit more from our live in care services.

Practical homecare can be a great choice for:

Anyone struggling with practical household tasks or someone who is finding it more and more difficult to manage these tasks
Someone diagnosed with mental illness who may benefit from additional assistance
People who have been diagnosed with a disability whose disability ranges from mildly to strongly debilitating
Elderly people who are starting to struggle with household and personal tasks

At Four Oaks Healthcare, we strive for continuity of care, which means we aim to provide the same carer for every visit. This will allow you to get to know and build a relationship with your carer, who in turn will be able to fully learn and understand your needs, work with you on your progress and ensure you feel completely comfortable at all times.

It is extremely important to us that all our clients as treated as individuals and that the correct level of personal care and attention is consistently provided.

What Are The Benefits Of Homecare?

There are multiple benefits of home based care including:

Flexiblity: Your care assistance needs will change over time and your care plan should do the same. Our homecare service providers will review and adapt your care plan according to your growing needs.

Keep your pets close by: Our bond with our pets is unique. Studies have shown that owning a pet reduces loneliness and no one should ever have to give up their pets in order to receive the care they require. With homecare you will never have to worry about that.

Peace of mind: Not just for yourself but for your friends and family. Knowing that someone will be with you, making sure that you have everything you need can reduce stress enormously for everyone involved.

and many, many more.

We firmly believe that our care services are the best and we are constantly challenging ourselves to continually improve every day. We actively encourage creativity and innovation throughout our team and we are always seeking new ways to improve our service to you.


What Our Clients Think

From the moment I contacted this organisation, the staff have always been polite and incredibly helpful. They have had to step in at short notice when other providers have let us down. They have provided everything we have asked for in a thoroughly efficient and professional manner. All staff have been incredibly caring and thoughtful when approaching my mother’s needs. As a family, we are incredibly grateful for the service provided and I personally have already recommended the organisation to a potential client and a potential employee. We will have no hesitation in using these services again.
Sandra H
My parents have a live-in carer from Four Oaks Healthcare. This service has enabled my parents to stay together at home. Since the live-in carer started caring for my parents, it has enabled the family to relax and feel confident that our parents are safe and being well looked after. As a family, we can now visit our parents and spend quality time with them instead of time spent caring and worrying about their health and wellbeing.
The regular live-in carer is extremely competent in relieving the family of the burden and worry, she is kind and respects the wishes of our parents. When the regular carer has a holiday the replacement carer was also very good, keeping the continuity of care. We are extremely happy with the service provided by Four Oaks Healthcare.
Christine S
It was very apparent from the start when the first carer walked through the door for this first time just how caring and committed she was. This continued as we met mom’s other 5 carers. Every single one of them were fantastic with mom, taking time to speak to her, find out what she needed and always making sure that they cared for her with dignity. Also on numerous occasions, asking if we needed anything, which has got to be well over and above what is expected and so very much appreciated.To be brutally honest we were all dreading having strangers coming into the house but this was a very short-lived worry as everyone was so caring, so committed, so professional and so polite, putting us all completely at ease.

In our experience Four Oaks were outstanding in every way.

Chris J

Perhaps the biggest single plus about Four Oaks over previous care providers is the ability to provide continuity of carer. I am convinced my mother has benefited from the stability of having the same compassionate, competent and dedicated carer for the past eight months

Paul K

What Does Homecare Include?

Any domiciliary care package offered should be tailored to your personal needs. You should never be offered a pre-packed care plan.  Homecare services can cover:

Housekeeping and home maintenance
Pet care
General shopping
Bathing and grooming
Meal preparation
Medication reminders

How often your care worker will visit you is dependent on the level of assistance you request. You can opt to have someone come in once or multiple times a day at an agreed time where your carer or nurse will be the most helpful.

Whether this is to assist with you getting up and going to bed or during the day to carry out household tasks such as cooking and cleaning; it is entirely dependant on you and the level of care you would like.

Our Promise

Why Choose Four Oaks Healthcare As Your Homecare Provider?

We know that a professional, reliable and caring service is important and as your life changes normal tasks may become more challenging. We help you to continue living in your own home and be as independent as possible. Our staff will help you to maintain your routines and feel confident in familiar surroundings.

We know continuity is important, so we work closely with local authorities and social services and recruit local staff to give you the best, practical domiciliary care. You’ll find we take pride in our company and our work. Our trained staff are loyal, committed and enthusiastic, providing warm, compassionate care.

Whatever your age or circumstances, we will always treat you as an individual and give you and your loved ones the best possible care at home.

For an initial discussion about your care needs, or to request a care assessment, complete our online enquiry form or call us on 0333 772 0156.

How Does Homecare Work?

We strive to create personal relationships with our clients in addition to offering an effective care plan. Here is a quick summary of how we decide with our clients and their family how homecare can work for them:

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We receive an initial care request, whether via our online enquiry form or a phone call and make an initial visit
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Once we have gained a good insight into the form and level of care that will be the most effective for you, we will carry out a risk assessment (with the assistance of the client, their family members and healthcare professionals) to create a tailored care plan.
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We will then explain the care plan with you and, once agreed, will arrange for care to begin.
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