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Live-in Care – Four Oaks Healthcare – Chesterfield

Live-in care in Chesterfield provides a fantastic alternative to a anxious move into full time residential or nursing care. Often a family member or friend can refuse the move to a nursing or care home – understandably, as being uprooted from your home and moved to shared accommodation, surrounded by new faces, furniture and belongings can be stressful and upsetting. In these cases, family members are left trying to care for their loved one to the best of their ability, fitting caring around their own lives and schedules, and without the knowledge to properly understand how best to approach the care.

A live-in carer is the perfect solution to someone in need remaining in their own home, while being adequately taken care of by a professional. Granting family members and friends peace of mind, the care receiver is also provided with a constant companion and familiar face in the comfort of their own home.

Having 24-hour live-in care in Chesterfield provides help with:

Choosing Your Carer
The idea of a stranger moving into your home on a permanent basis can be a daunting task for anyone, particularly someone with the onset of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. As well as having to be considerate of someone else using your belongings, you also have to come to terms with the emotional implication of someone moving into what might be your old family home, where you raised your children or you and your partner grew old together. Taking this next step can be tough, which is why we approach it with a great deal of compassion, ensuring that the care receiver is entirely happy with our chosen match before they move in, beginning the process with a number of visits, and gradually extending the visit durations to enable you both to adjust.

Our care managers are experts in finding the perfect match for our clients. It is this ability to pair carer and care recipient so well that is one of the reasons we have gained a fantastic reputation for high quality live-in care in Chesterfield.

Who Is Live-In Care For?
Our live-in care services can be provided for anyone that is in need of assistance in the home or would prefer some companionship. This includes elderly care, end of life care, young person’s care, as well as those with complex care requirements such as Huntington’s Disease care, Dementia care, Multiple Sclerosis care, Cerebral Palsy care or Brain Injury care.

To find out more about our home care services in Chesterfield, simply call us on 03337720156 and we will be happy to help.

Live-in Care Services Benefits include:

  • Companionship
  • Independence
  • Your family pet stays with you
  • Choice of what you eat and when
  • Continued chosen lifestyle
  • One-to-one personal support
  • Remain active within your community

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