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What Everyday Tasks do Live-In Carers Do?

What Everyday Tasks do Live-In Carers Do?

Live-in care is often seen as a favourable care home alternative as it allows people to retain as much independence as they want, whilst feeling happy, comfortable, and cared for in their own home. It’s why live-in care in Birmingham is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Home carers carry out a range of everyday tasks, with specifics depending on the needs of the person in their care. Here are some of the everyday tasks live-in carers can carry out.

Everyday Domestic Tasks

Home carers can undertake a host of everyday domestic tasks helping to keep the home clean and comfortable including general cleaning and tidying, the washing-up, laundry, gardening, shopping, and pet care.

Live-in carers aren’t full-time housekeepers, gardeners, or secretaries though. In some cases, we may recommend that additional support is required to ensure the best possible care and environment for the person being cared for.

Diet And Nutrition

There’s nothing quite like a homecooked meal, which is why diet and nutrition comes under one of the everyday tasks undertaken by home carers. They can help by shopping for groceries, preparing food, and ensuring your loved one always has enough to eat and drink.

Live-in carers also understand that some medical conditions will require specific diets, or special ways of preparing food. They can prepare meals that not only appeal to your loved one’s personal tastes, but also meet any specific needs. It’s the level of tailored and personal care that’s seen live-in care in Birmingham grow.

Companionship And Support

One of the most valued aspects of live-in care is the companionship and support they can offer your loved one. For many people, simply having a friendly face they can chat to everyday takes away their loneliness and is more important than any day-to-day household task they may undertake.

If friends and family are only able to visit infrequently, live-in carers are someone to share quality time with. This can be hugely comforting and therapeutic. Home carers become trusted companions and extensions of the family; they become someone to enjoy days out with, share hobbies with, and someone to chat to with a cup of tea.

Peace Of Mind

Live-in carers provide you with the peace of mind that your loved one is safe, secure, and cared for in an environment they’re comfortable and happy in. You know that a trained professional – who is also compassionate and trustworthy – is taking care of your loved one and can respond quickly in an emergency. 

Knowing that someone is there, 24/7, is reassuring. Especially if you can’t be. Live-in carers take away any guilt you may feel for not being around all the time and allow you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones – free from stress, worry, and concerns about their wellbeing.

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