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Live-in Care – Four Oaks Healthcare – West Bromwich

What Is Live-In Care?
Live-in care is when a personal 24-hour home carer moves into your home to provide constant care and assistance with anything you might need. Your carer must have their own bedroom, in which they can have their own belongings and privacy during time off work, but they will be constantly at hand should their help be required, day or night, providing a sense of security to their care receiver.

What Is Included In Live-In Care?
Our live-in care services in West Bromwich centre around ensuring each client is healthy, safe and adequately cared for 24 hours’ a day. The care provided by your full-time carer can be as intensive as needed, varying from low to medium and high dependency clients. This means that your carer can be anything from a companion and a second pair of hands around the house, with a sense of security should anything go wrong, to providing 24/7 around the clock care for those with more demanding complex conditions.

At our live-in care agency in West Bromwich, we work towards a person-centred approach for the care we provide. This means that our focus is on ensuring the happiness and mental wellbeing of our clients, allowing them to live life on their terms, retaining a sense of independence and following their own care preferences above how we would prefer to care for them. This person-centred approach also means a considerable involvement in enabling participation in hobbies, interests and social gatherings wherever possible.

We work tirelessly to ensure the happiness of each of our care receivers which is why if, for any reason, you are ever dissatisfied with the care you are receiving from your personal live-in carer in West Bromwich, then simply notify your care manager who will rectify any issues for you.

Who Can Benefit From A Live-In Carer In West Bromwich
Any person in need of care, assistance at home, help with medication management or extra support around the house can benefit from a live-in carer in West Bromwich. Our 24-hour home carers guarantee that, no matter how demanding the condition of the care receiver, there is always someone on hand to help, no matter the issue.

We frequently provide elderly care in West Bromwich, for both individuals, couples and even friends. We also work with those with disabilities and those in need of complex care, from young adults through to end of life care. This includes, but is not limited to, Cerebral Palsy care,Alzheimer’s care,Huntington’s disease care,Dementia care,brain injury care and more.

How much does 24-hour live-in care in York cost?
Unlike a residential or nursing home, the care we provide is uniquely tailored to each individual. To decide on a fee, we would first need to sit down with you to discuss the level of care provided. From this we can construct a detailed care and cost plan.

For more information on our live-in care services in West Bromwich, please call 03337720156.

Live-in Care Services Benefits include:

  • Companionship
  • Independence
  • Your family pet stays with you
  • Choice of what you eat and when
  • Continued chosen lifestyle
  • One-to-one personal support
  • Remain active within your community

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