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The Benefits Of Home Care in Sevenoaks
Whether you need help around the home, help keeping active, assistance with personal hygiene and food preparation, or more intensive care such as complex care, our live-in carers in Sevenoaks will ensure that every aspect of your life is well looked after. Providing a cost-effective solution to care, our care plans are carefully designed work within your budget

With constant companionship and personal care, our 24-hour home carers can have a huge positive impact on the life quality of each care receiver. Compassionate and considerate, we provide home care in Sevenoaks with the utmost discretion, taking the time to get to know each client on a personal level to enable us to provide a bespoke care service. It is the mission of each of our dedicated carers that our care receivers do not feel like they have somebody working in their home, but that they are living with a companion who truly cares about them and their wellbeing.

Understanding each individual’s unique needs is paramount to the services we provide. Working closely with your care manager, your carer will adjust their methods of care to each individual, taking into account your own preferences and unique requirements. Each carer that we work with is extremely empathetic towards those they care for, providing care with respect and dignity enabling the care receiver to retain as much independence and control over their own life as possible.

Continuity With Home Care
We are able to provide exceptional quality home care due to our focus on building a strong relationship between care giver and care receiver. We put considerable time into carefully placing each of our carers, something we do so based on the personality, aspirations, hobbies, wishes, and dislikes of our care receivers – something we establish during the initial face to face consultation with your dedicated care manager. Once we have found your perfect carer, they will visit you daily until you are comfortable for you to move into your home.

Encouraging you to participate in hobbies, interests and outings, our carer does more than just help you medically. They are your companion, there with you from waking up in the morning and bringing you a cup of tea, through to getting you ready for bed and providing evening reading. The relationship that is able to form with such contact provides security, comfort and safety for care receivers, knowing that someone who truly cares for them is always there if something goes wrong.

Receive The Care You Need
With a team of trained, experienced and fully qualified carers in Sevenoaks at hand, we can provide:
• Multiple sclerosis care in Sevenoaks
• Young person’s care in Sevenoaks
• Elderly care in Sevenoaks
• Ventilator care in Sevenoaks
• Dementia live-in care in Sevenoaks
• Motor neurone disease care in Sevenoaks
• Huntington’s disease care in Sevenoaks
• Complex care in Sevenoaks
• Muscular dystrophy care in Sevenoaks
• Spinal care in Sevenoaks
• Cerebral palsy care in Sevenoaks
• Disability care in Sevenoaks

To find out more about our live-in home care services in Sevenoaks, please contact 03337720156.

Live-in Care Services Benefits include:

  • Companionship
  • Independence
  • Your family pet stays with you
  • Choice of what you eat and when
  • Continued chosen lifestyle
  • One-to-one personal support
  • Remain active within your community

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