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What Is Homecare?

What Is Homecare?

Levels of care vary depending on the needs of each individual patient such that when homecare can become a very useful tool make sure that the needs of those who need it, and the eldery are met.

Sometimes also referred to as domiciliary care services, is when a carer comes to your home to offer you their care services such as but not limited to, extra support for chores around the house, companionship, and reassurance. This allows the individual to continue to level in the comfort of their home as independently as possible with assistance readily available when they need it the most.

Who Needs Homecare?

Individuals in need or the elderly may need extra assistance with performing daily tasks. Adults and children alike, may require the support of a home carer especially when they have severe medical issues.

Homecare can offer some of the following services;

  • getting out of bed in the morning
  • washing and dressing
  • brushing your hair
  • using the toilet
  • preparing meals and drinks
  • remembering to take your medicines
  • doing your shopping
  • collecting prescriptions or your pension
  • getting out, for example to a lunch club
  • getting settled in the evening and ready for bed

This can be extremely useful if you are recovering from hospitalisation or need temporary care for a short period of time.

What are the Benefits of Homecare?

There are multiple benefits of home based care including:

Flexibility: Your care assistance needs will change over time and your care plan should do the same. Our homecare service providers will review and adapt your care plan according to your growing needs.

Keep your pets close by: Our bond with our pets is unique. Studies have shown that owning a pet reduces loneliness and no one should ever have to give up their pets in order to receive the care they require. With homecare you will never have to worry about that.

Peace of mind: Not just for yourself but for your friends and family. Knowing that someone will be with you, making sure that you have everything you need can reduce stress enormously for everyone involved.

How To Apply For Homecare

Should you, a family member, or a loved one require homecare, it is important for Four Oaks Healthcare to understand the exact requirements of each and every individual that requires homecare. 

Once we have gained a good insight into the form and level of care that will be the most effective for you, we will carry out a risk assessment (with the assistance of the client, their family members and healthcare professionals) to create a tailored care plan.

We will then explain the care plan with you and, once agreed, will arrange for care to begin.

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