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How to Find a Good Live in Carer

How to Find a Good Live in Carer

Live-in care serves as a way to provide around the clock, at home care. Live-in carers typically assist with or take care of day-to-day tasks, from cooking meals to helping with personal hygiene. When needed, live-in carers can also provide transportation.

There are countless benefits to this, the most significant arguably being the independence it grants the patient. This enables them to continue living as close to a normal life as is possible. 

So what’s the best approach for finding a live-in carer?

Often the first step is to speak with your loved one so you can better assess their needs. Perhaps they don’t feel live-in care is necessary. Maybe they would fare better with support from a carer that visits multiple times a week, or multiple times a day. This is often referred to as homecare

Talking to your loved one will also help you understand any preferences they may have. This is important since it’s critical that your loved one is completely comfortable with their live-in carer – they will be sharing their home with them, after all. 

The next step is to start your search for a live-in carer. You might do this by asking friends or family for recommendations, or you might search on Google for live-in carers in your area.

Another option is to go directly to an agency that provides live-in care services. They will be working with a number of carers, and will know them well. This means they can carry out the legwork involved in matching you and your loved one with a carer that boasts the credentials and experience you need.

Regardless of how you find a carer, an interview is essential.

Ideally it should take place in the home of your loved one. A phone call should suffice if this isn’t possible.

You should be sure to ask about their experience, and how this is applicable to caring for your loved one. Ask about their interests too; the ideal candidate is someone with shared interests.

Only when your loved one is at ease, and you feel confident that you’ve found a suitable candidate, should you take the next steps and move forward with hiring.

If you need help with finding a live-in carer, particularly if you’re looking for a live-in carer in Birmingham, why not talk to us? Delivering an unmatched level of care we work only with qualified, experienced carers. We handle administration tasks such as CRB checks, and we can suggest potential carers based on the unique needs and requirements of your loved one.

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