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How Much Does Care Cost?

How Much Does Care Cost?

Whether you have been diagnosed with a degenerative illness, have been in an accident or are starting to feel your age, live in care can help you maintain both your independence and quality of life.

When choosing the right care plan for you, it can often feel daunting to know what type of service will suit your needs both now and in the future. We want all of our clients to feel as comfortable and in control as possible, which is why we promise always to be open and honest.

We wanted to outline the type of care plans available with us and the pricing so that you have a good idea of which solution best suits your needs and the financial implications of quality care. 

Whatever plan you opt for will be entirely flexible. We can update and amend it based on your progression. For example, you will likely require substantial care after suffering a spinal cord injury, but you may require less assistance as you recover. Or, if you have received a diagnosis of a degenerative disease, your care needs will likely increase over the years.

Our plans include standard, specialist and advanced care:

What is standard care?

Standard care refers to assistance around the home. This could include assisting with chores, maintaining personal hygiene, ensuring medication is taken at the correct time and companionship. The following services would fall under a standard care plan:

Of course, if there are additional health conditions, you may benefit more from specialist care.

How much does standard care cost?

The care for one person begins at £850 each week and includes a tailored and flexible care plan based on your requirements.

What is specialist care?

Specialist care is also known as nursing or complex care and includes assistance for individuals diagnosed with specific illnesses, medical conditions, or significant injuries. The care that would fall under this category assists individuals diagnosed with:

How much is specialist care?

Specialist care starts from £950 per week, per person. We would be able to give a more accurate quote after discussing your requirements with you.

What is advanced care?

Advanced care is the best option for someone who requires round-the-clock assistance or those who need palliative care. Like with any other plan, we would want our client and their nearest and dearest to have their input to ensure the highest level of comfort at all times.

How much is advanced care?

Our advanced care services start from £1,350 per week. The exact cost will be determined based on your individual needs.

Why choose Four Oaks Healthcare?

From live-in and complex care to assisting people who have suffered an injury, we can help make life easier and better. Our services are all person-centred, and we take care to not only put together a tailored and flexible care plan that you and your loved ones are involved in creating, but we also match all our clients to a suitable carer. 

With over 350 qualified carers across 50 cities in the UK, our positive reputation precedes us. Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you live your life to the fullest?  

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