Dementia Care

Caring Hand

When thinking about dementia care it is important to fully understand what people with dementia are experiencing in relation to their understanding of memory, who they are, what they are doing and how they see others.

Once this is better understood, the importance of live in care, like that provided by Four Oaks Health, becomes a lot easier to appreciate and comprehend.

Dementia care is essential to those with dementia, as well as the families of those related to a person with dementia. When someone develops dementia the ability to retain memories by moving them from the short-term memory back to the long-term memory breaks down. Eventually, people with dementia are unable to move memories in their long-term memory at all. This presents a host of different problems a person with dementia, and indeed their loved ones, are bound to face.

Luckily with Four Oaks 24-hour live-in care, there is a solution to these problems.

Let first think about some of the problems people with dementia face.

1. Fear and anxiety induced by common, everyday details e.g. a microwave

Imagine a time before the microwave. Now imagine waking up one day and you had only ever used a stove to cook food. You would be very confused by the speed, sound and look of a microwave. You would also not know what to do with it and it could cause you some unease if there was no stove available to cook food on and it was all you had to cook meals with.

For those with dementia, this is a common problem. Without access to the last 30 years of memories, they know only a world pre-microwave in the mainstream.

With live in care, people with dementia no longer need to worry about cooking for themselves as help is always at hand.

This means when faced with an object that they do not recognise they will feel anxious and stressed. It is important to try to avoid stress for people with dementia.

2. Fear and anxiety induced by their own reflection e.g. a mirror

Another everyday object which can cause fear and anxiety in people with dementia is a mirror, as it enables them to see their own reflection. Due to the fact that the recent memory is lost, the person with dementia no longer recognises the older version of themselves which they see in the mirror. They see themselves as a younger self, and do not relate with the old person in the mirror.

For this reason, many people with dementia wave at their own reflection as if waving at a complete stranger.

Of course, this too would induce fear and anxiety. However, with 24 live in care, there is always someone on hand to calm and care for people going through these scary scenarios.