Dealing with Brain Injury

Supporting Elderly

After experiencing a brain injury, life can change completely. Adaptations are made in accordance to the type of injury, which can lead to a significant emotional strain felt not only by the individual, but their surrounding family and supporters too. It is therefore vital to ensure everyone is receiving the right support they need in order to best deal and cope with the new challenge they face. Nursing care or a live-in carer, which are services provided by Four Oaks Healthcare, can help with this enormously, easing those overwhelming feelings.

It is easy for someone with a brain injury, as well as their supporters to feel isolated at such a distressing time, and that’s why relaxed and professional carers can be fundamental in making the right difference. The Personal Assistants we offer here at Four Oaks Healthcare provide invaluable support for you, through live-in care, day nursing and helping with challenging behaviour.

Regardless of how severe a brain injury may be, anxiety and depression can hit hard when it comes to close family members. It is important to remember you are not alone and there is always help and support out there, whether that be a close friend or professional councillor. The longevity of its effects can add to the strain on coping, particularly in injury cases where emotional and behavioural issues have been difficult to deal with. It can be beneficial for us to remind ourselves of key patterns when we begin to feel agitated by a loved one with a brain injury:

– Although they may seem fine, concentration problems, fatigue, depression and anxiety are all invisible, and could very well be the cause of negative and unmotivated attitudes.
– One of the most common signs of a brain injury is irritability. Recognise this can be sporadic and definitely don’t blame yourself or take it personally.
– Memory problems are almost inevitable, and repeating yourself can become frustrating. Instead of having a negative outlook by pointing out the problem, think of a way in which it could be helped. A consistent daily routine can aid with this.
– Allow them to build their own confidence and self-esteem through having control of things. Their independence is likely to have become even more important to them, as some will have been lost due to the injury. Within reason, encourage them and instead of being frustrated, feel as though you are helping their brain to stay active and recover faster.

By reminding ourselves of these things in particular, can help us to process the behaviour they are displaying and re-evaluate our immediate feelings towards a situation.

The right education and support is vital in aiding families to adjust and rebuild their new lives. Again, this is where our wonderful PA’s come in. By offering guidance and being a source of reassurance, families are more likely to feel at ease. All of the PA’ s at Four Oaks Healthcare are continuously supervised by our qualified and high experienced clinical nurse specialists, providing even more reassurance and stability for everyone involved.