5 Exercises For The Elderly


As we grow older remaining active through regular exercise can become more difficult; however there are many forms of light exercise that can be undertaken to have your loved ones remain healthier for longer.

1. A Leisurely Stroll

Maintaining exercise doesn’t mean you need to sign up to a gym, a leisurely stroll can do wonders not only for your loved one’s physical health, but also their mental health.  Research has found that for those living with dementia physical activity can help to delay the decline of cognitive function and reduce depression by up to 30%.

2. Chair Exercises

For those that struggle with mobility, exercising within a sturdy chair is an ideal way to start getting the blood pumping.  Start with movement in the ankles and upper body; twisting and stretching to build up flexibility and strength in those areas.  Once your loved one feels comfortable enough, they can also try using the chair to balance themselves whilst standing and stretching.  

3. Local Classes

Many local communities have groups throughout the week dedicated to older residents.  These groups are not only a lovely way for your loved one to socialise with others, but they often hold exercise or dance classes for the elderly.  In a zero pressure environment, with a number of peers these local classes are ideal for those who are a little more mobile and can be built into a weekly routine.

4. Aqua Classes

Aqua classes are excellent for those with arthritis as the water puts less pressure on joints, and can help to ease pain.  Although there is resistance from the water on limbs and joints, the weight of this is much lighter than if out of water, so is a great way to strengthen muscles and improve bone density.  Most local leisure centres offer aqua classes, so again this also provides an opportunity for socialising and creating a routine.

5. Gardening

We all enjoy keeping our gardens looking like Ground Force visited, but gardening can also be excellent for your health and physical exercise too.  From mowing the lawn, to the physical exertion of planting and pruning; a simple half an hour of gardening can do joints (and your garden) wonders.


Live-In Carers can support your loved ones in achieving these fitness goals and maintaining their physical health.  For more information regarding our live in care services please call 0333 772 0156.